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TT Connect

TT Connect is a fibre infrastructure provider operating in the east of Johannesburg


FROM: R1,249.00p/m*

Affordable Business Broadband Fibre With a Best Effort SLA

Speeds Available (Mbps): 20/50/100
Contention Ratio: 10:1
SLA: Best Effort
Contract Term: 12/24 Months

*Excludes VAT and Once-Off Installation Fees


FROM: R1,919.00p/m*

Business Grade Fibre With an Enhanced SLA

Speeds Available (Mbps): 20/50/100+
Contention Ratio: 10:1
SLA: Business Grade
Contract Term: 12 Months

*Excludes VAT and Once-Off Installation Fees

Add VoIP

Combine our reliable connectivity with PacketSky Voice for an all-in-one telecommunications solution for your business

Cloud-Based PBX

No costly onsite PBX required at your premises

Reliable Service

Reliable voice connectivity and personal service

Competitive Rates

Save on your monthly call costs

Per Second Billing

Only pay for the seconds you use

Number Porting

Port your existing number over to PacketSky Voice or start afresh

Detailed History

Get access to your detailed call history

Call Forwarding

Not in the office? Easily forward your calls to the number of your choice

Goodbye Telkom

No more unpredictable call quality, or difficult customer support

Why PacketSky?

PacketSky offers reliable business fibre, with a pro-actively monitored network and a personal touch

Pro-Active Monitoring

Our network specialists pro-actively monitor our networks and your fibre line 24/7, allowing us to understand how services are performing and when our providers are experiencing issues. Pro-actively monitored, pro-actively resolved!

Personal Support

Our support team are available 24/7 to assist with any issues or queries. Customer satisfaction is our priority and our team always go the extra mile to keep our customers happy. A passionate team with the personal touch!

Uncapped & Unshaped

All of our fibre products are uncapped and unshaped. We offer premium connectivity to our customers, with no throttling, no limits and consistent speeds. Say goodbye to all of your buffering and month-end slowdowns!