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All Evotel packages include a free to use router!*

*Evotel charges a R2,415 once-off connection fee for any new installations or new customers on their network (i.e. should there be an existing installation in your new home, but you have not been with Evotel in the past, a full connection fee will be payable).

Should you be an existing Evotel customer moving from another ISP, or a historic Evotel customer moving into a home with an existing installation, an Evotel re-connection fee of R805 is applicable to your application.

PacketSky will invoice you the applicable once-off Evotel connection fee directly. Once your payment has been received and cleared in our account, our sales team will accept your order and an Evotel representative will then contact you to schedule your installation, if applicable, within approximately 21 days.