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Vumatel Installations

**Should Vumatel need to install a fibre point (CPE unit) into your home, PacketSky will invoice you the once-off Vumatel installation fee of R1,725 directly. Once your payment has been received and cleared in our account, our sales team will accept your order and a Vumatel representative will then contact you to schedule your installation within approximately 21 days. Please be advised that we are unable to accept the installation order with Vumatel until this payment has been received.


Select a speed that meets your needs. The more users, the higher the demand, the greater the speed required

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Uncapped & Unshaped

All of our fibre products are uncapped and unshaped. We offer premium connectivity to our customers, with no throttling, no limits and consistent speeds.Say goodbye to prime time buffering and month-end slowdowns!

Month to Month

Our FTTH services are on a month-to-month contract basis. You are able to cancel your service by providing a calendar months notice. All services are invoiced and payable monthly in advance. Your first invoice is pro-rated based on your activation date.

Free-to-Use Router

We provide our customers with a free-to-use Mikrotik router, allowing our team to remotely access your router to resolve any issues. Should you cancel your service, this router needs to be returned to us in its original condition and packaging.

Pro-Active Monitoring

Our Pro-active Monitoring system keeps an eye on the status of your service 24/7, and notifies you should your service go offline. This allows us to understand when our providers are experiencing issues. Pro-actively monitored, pro-actively resolved!