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Broadband Microwave

FROM: R1,049.00p/m*

Broadband Microwave for Small to Medium Enterprises

Speeds Available (Mbps): 20/50/100/150
Contention Ratio: 10:1
SLA: Best Effort
MTTR: Best Effort
Contract Term: MTM/12M/24M

*Excludes VAT and Once-Off Installation Fees

Microwave Failover

FROM: R989.00p/m*

Microwave Failover Service for a Primary Connectivity Service

Speeds Available (Mbps): 20/50/100/150
Contention Ratio: 10:1
SLA: Best Effort
MTTR: Best Effort
Contract Term: 24 Months

*Excludes VAT and Once-Off Installation Fees



Reliable Connectivity

Microwave offers dependable connectivity for uninterrupted operations, providing robust performance in most weather conditions.

Efficient Performance

Seamlessly connect multiple users and devices, enabling smooth video calls, file sharing, and cloud applications for enhanced productivity.

High-Speed Operations

Experience lightning-fast speeds of up to 150Mbps, empowering every team member to work at full capacity without slowdowns or interruptions.

Future-Proofed Solution

With its stable and dependable service, Business Microwave prepares your business for future demands, ensuring adaptability and long-term success



Unlock High-Speed Connectivity with SkyWave

PacketSky has partnered with a leading South African network operator, leveraging internationally recognized cutting-edge wireless technology to introduce SkyWave Broadband Microwave services. This extensive network comprises over 700 Base Stations, utilizing innovative wireless communication solutions designed to deliver high-performance connectivity across various environments. The underlying technology employs advanced techniques such as beam forming and interference cancellation to optimize wireless connections and enhance network performance, enabling precise targeting of wireless signals and extending coverage to areas traditional solutions struggle to reach.

One of the stand-out features of this technology is its ability to provide robust and reliable connectivity even in challenging conditions, such as urban environments with high levels of interference or rural areas with limited infrastructure. Representing a cutting-edge approach to wireless communication, it offers high-performance, reliable connectivity solutions tailored to the needs of modern networks and applications.

In contrast to fibre, which requires extensive trenching and cable laying, microwave technology eliminates the need for time-consuming and disruptive groundwork. With SkyWave, you can have your high-speed broadband connection up and running in a fraction of the time, making it an ideal choice for urgent connectivity needs or remote locations where fibre deployment may be impractical. Experience the convenience and agility of rapid deployment with SkyWave Broadband Microwave services, ensuring that you stay connected without the delays associated with traditional infrastructure projects.

Enjoy seamless connectivity and high-speed internet access powered by this advanced technology, with services tailored to meet the connectivity needs of your business.




Unrivalled Performance

Experience ultra-fast wireless connectivity with low latency and high reliability. SkyWave ensures optimal performance in any environment.

Rapid Deployment

Say goodbye to time-consuming groundwork. SkyWave eliminates the need for extensive trenching and cable laying, allowing for rapid deployment in urban or remote locations

Expanded Coverage

With over 720 base stations strategically placed across the nation, SkyWave delivers reliable connectivity where traditional solutions fall short.

Blazing Speeds

Experience download speeds of up to 150Mbps, ensuring seamless connectivity for your business operations.

True Uncapped Internet

Say goodbye to data caps and welcome real uncapped Internet, providing uninterrupted access to the world.

Fast Installations

Get up and running swiftly with 14-day installations in main city centres and 30-day installations in outlying locations.

Managed Router

Receive a high quality free-to-use Mikrotik gigabit router, managed for optimal performance and security.

Tailored Packages

You can choose from a diverse range of services designed to accommodate your business’s bandwidth needs and budget constraints., including SD-WAN and Failover options.

Personalised Service

We prioritize personalized support for your business. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding your unique challenges and providing tailored solutions to meet your needs.



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