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Experience the ultimate in-home connectivity with our Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) packages. From casual internet surfing to bandwidth-intensive activities like online gaming and 4K streaming, our residential fibre plans cater to every need.

Uncapped & Unshaped

Say goodbye to prime-time buffering and month-end slowdowns! Our services are unshaped, uncapped and unthrottled.


Our home fibre services all run on a month-to-month basis, with a calendar months notice for cancellation. No hidden fees!

Free-to-Use Router

Choose our free-to-use dual band gigabit Wi-Fi router, or setup your own fibre ready router. The choice is yours!

Personal Support

Customer satisfaction is our priority and our team always go the extra mile to keep our customers Simply Connected!



1. Check Coverage

Use our coverage map to check which fibre network operator is available at your home.

2. Sign-Up

Select your preferred package and complete the sign-up process, entirely online!

3. Order Placed

Once your your order and feasbility is confirmed, we will place your order with the FNO.

4. Installation

If required, the FNO will contact you directly to organise your installation.

5. Activation

We will ship you your free-to-use router once your service is activated. Simply Connected!