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Call Forwarding


The Call Forwarding feature in PacketSky Voice SmartPBX allows users to redirect incoming calls to another phone number. This ensures that important calls are not missed, even if the user is away from their primary phone. Call forwarding can be set to any valid phone number, such as a mobile phone, home phone, or another office line.

How it Works

  1. Accessing Call Forwarding Settings: To configure call forwarding for a user, navigate to the PacketSky Voice SmartPBX dashboard, select the “Users” tab, and click on the user for whom you wish to set call forwarding. Within the user settings, go to “User Features.”
  2. Enabling Call Forwarding: Under the “User Features” section, locate the “Call Forwarding” option. Click on it to access the call forwarding settings.
  3. Setting the Forwarding Number: In the call forwarding settings, you can enter the phone number to which you want to forward incoming calls. You can also set specific conditions, such as forwarding calls only when the primary phone is unreachable.
  4. Activation and Deactivation: You can easily activate or deactivate call forwarding as needed. This flexibility allows users to manage their availability and ensure they can be reached wherever they are.

Types of Call Forwarding

  • Unconditional Forwarding: All incoming calls are forwarded to the specified number, regardless of the user’s status.
  • Conditional Forwarding: Calls are forwarded based on specific conditions, such as when the phone is unreachable.


  • Never Miss a Call: Ensure important calls are received, even if you are away from your primary phone.
  • Flexibility: Forward calls to any valid number, providing the ability to stay connected wherever you are.
  • Customizable Conditions: Set conditions for forwarding calls to suit your availability and preferences.

By utilizing the Call Forwarding feature in PacketSky Voice SmartPBX, users can maintain seamless communication and ensure they are reachable at all times, enhancing overall productivity and customer satisfaction.