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My service is down, what do I do?

When your service is down, or you detect that you have no internet, our dedicated Support Team is here to assist you. Before you log a ticket or call in, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow to help us identify the issue:

Step 1: Check your Router & Fibre Device (ONT/CPE)

It is important to first establish and confirm that both your router and your fibre device is plugged in and powered on. Often these devices can be unplugged from power in error, or the power cables can be pulled out of the devices by a pet or child without your knowledge.

Please also check for any damage that may have occurred to the devices.

Step 2: Reboot the Devices

Once you have confirmed that the devices were both powered on, we recommend rebooting both devices. Power down the devices for a few minutes, before turning both devices back on. This can often resolve minor issues and restore your service.

Step 3: Confirm the Lights that are Displaying on the Router & Fibre Device

Should your service not restore after the reboot, please take note of the lights that are displaying on both your router and most importantly, the fibre device. When logging a ticket, please let us know the status of each light (e.g. FX light is off, Alarm light is flashing red, etc.) or provide a clear photo of the devices showing the lights and their labels.

Please note that FNOs require this confirmation when we log a ticket, and will not proceed to repair or resolve any service without this information being provided.

Step 4: Log a Ticket on the Customer Portal

Once you have completed the above steps, and have the necessary information available, please log a ticket on the Customer Portal. Alternatively you can contact our Support Team on 011-704-0800 during support hours.

Step 5: Allow our Team to Investigate

Our Support Team will investigate your service outage further, to ensure that the FNO is not experiencing any outages in your area, and to observe if they identify any errors or issues on your service. Should the issue be isolated to your link, a ticket will be logged with the FNO to investigate, restore and repair your service if required.

During this time, our team will keep you updated as best as possible on your ticket, and will let you know as we receive updates from the FNO.

Should you have any queries, you are able to comment and request feedback on your ticket at any time on the Customer Portal and an agent will assist you.

Although we will log a ticket as soon as you raise the issue with us, it is important to understand that each Fibre Network Operator will work to resolve the issue and restore your service based on their SLA, which can be viewed HERE. Our team will always do our best  to escalate and push the FNO to restore your service as quickly as possible, however we are unfortunately at the mercy of the FNO, as we are unable to repair their network on their behalf.