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Dashboard Overview

Header Information

This section provides quick access to some main features of your account.

Account Name: Displays the current account name.

Account Default Caller ID Number: Set the default Caller ID for outbound calls.

Account Default Hold Music (MOH): Set the default hold music for your account.


Main Sections

Hours: Adjust your office hours as needed.

Total Users: Displays the total number of users assigned to this account.

Total Devices: Summarizes the number of devices configured for the account, including desk phones, landlines, cell phones.

Unregistered Devices: Displays the total number of devices not currently registered, including those that do not typically register, like landlines and cell phones.


Main Number

Displays the main numbers and their active features.

Conference Number: The account’s conference number if assigned.

Main Faxbox Number: Handles inbound faxes sent to the configured email address.


Total Numbers

Summarizes all numbers owned by the account, including any spare numbers and 800 numbers.

A graph shows the classification of numbers owned by the account.


Company Directory

Displays the number of users in the company directory. Users are listed by default but can be configured not to appear. You can download this information as a .csv file.


Account Details

Account ID: Used for support to help track call routing issues or other support questions.

Account Realm: Used as part of SIP authentication and for logging into your customised portals.