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My speeds are slow, what do I do?

We pride ourselves in running a clean and efficient network, and if you have speed issues we want to know about it in order to help your resolve your issues.

To help our team navigate this issue, there are a few things they will need from you to help them identify what your are experiencing. Please follow the below steps and provide us with this information when you raise a ticket on the Customer Portal for our team to investigate.

Step 1: Speed Test via Ethernet Cable

It is important to first establish whether your speed issues result from a local network issue (e.g. slow WiFi due to interference) or are as a result of a fibre or network operator (FNO) issue.

Performing a speed test via Ethernet Cable to the Main Router rules out any local network causes, such as WiFi interference from other WiFi devices or environmental issues.

To understand how to perform a valid Speed Test, please follow our Speed Test Guide.

NB: It is important to note, that should the speed issue be as a result of a fibre or FNO related issue, they will not investigate until a valid Ethernet Speed Test has been provided, to rule out other factors.

Step 2: Speed Test via WiFi Device

Should WiFi be your primary connection method, please also perform ad provide a Speed Test using the WiFi device that is experiencing the speed issue, so we can compare these two tests in order to get a baseline of the speeds you are experiencing.

Step 3: Log a Ticket

Once you have performed the above two Speed Tests, please log a ticket on the Customer Portal for our team to investigate. Please ensure that you upload the relevant screenshots of the two tests completed. Or Support Team will take a closer look at the link and the information provided to investigate the matter.

Our team may have further follow up questions or require further testing, and this will be communicated via the ticket that you raised on the Portal.

Should the issue be WiFi related, our team will advise you on the best way forward.


Note: WiFi Speed & Coverage

Due to the nature of Wi-Fi technology, the strength and coverage of a routers wireless signal cannot be guaranteed as this is susceptible to interference. PacketSky’s responsibility is to ensure the speed of your line to the router, however we cannot and do not guarantee full coverage of Wi-Fi within your premises or the speed of the service over a wireless connection.


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