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What does a Month to Month contract mean?

A Month-to-Month contract is an agreement that allows you as a customer to use our internet services on a month-to-month basis. Unlike the historical traditional internet contracts that typically required a customer to commit to a fixed term of service (e.g., one year or two years), a month-to-month internet contract allows you to pay for and use the service on a month-by-month basis, without a long-term commitment.

Whilst a Month-to-Month contract does not tie you in for a long term period, it is important to note that a month-to-month contract automatically renews on a monthly basis until notice of termination is provided. All fibre network operators require a a calendar month notice of termination, and PacketSky therefore has the same requirement of our customers, as per our terms and conditions. E.g. Should you wish to cancel your service at the end of April, notice of cancellation has to be provided to us before the end of March.

A month-to-month contract is also not the same as a pay-as-you-go service. Should you not make use of a service during a particular month, the monthly service fee is still payable as the service has been provided and available for use during this period.