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I am moving house, now what?

Although it would be ideal to be able to pack up your existing router and Fibre Network Operator (FNO) equipment and move this to a new address, unfortunately this is not possible.

Each service application with PacketSky and the FNO is for a fixed line service at a specified address. A change of address would therefore require the cancellation of the existing service at your current address, and placing a new order at your new address, taking into account the calendar month notice of cancellation required as per our terms and conditions.

All existing FNO equipment should be left at your current address, as this is registered to this home and will not work elsewhere, however you may take your PacketSky router with you to your new residence.

Moving homes can be stressful, so we recommend following the below steps to make your fibre move as seamless and stress-free as possible:

Step 1: Understand your timeline

It is import to understand when you will be moving out of your current address, and into your new residence. All FNOs, and therefore PacketSky, requires a calendar months notice to cancel your existing service. Once you are aware of your moving date, ensure that you place your cancellation with PacketSky at least a calendar month before, to ensure that you do not incur any unnecessary service fees after you have moved out. Cancellations can be raised by a ticket on the Customer Portal, or sending an email to 

It is also important to understand when you are moving into your new address, to ensure that your new internet service is up and running when you move in.

Step 2: Understand the fibre status of your new address

It is important to understand what the current status of internet is at your new address. Our sales team can help you identify which FNO services your home, and which packages are available, however it is important to gather as much information about the current internet status of your new home as possible. I.e. Does your new address already have fibre installed, or does it require a new installation. This will impact the timeline of getting your new service installed or activated for when you move in.

It is also possible that the previous owner of your new home may not have cancelled with his ISP. If there is an existing service at your new address, we are normally unable to place your order until that service is cancelled. This may require us to provide the FNO with your proof of ownership or lease, so that they can request the existing service to be released.

 Step 3: Apply for your new service with PacketSky

 Once you are aware of your move-in date at your new address, it is best to place your new service order with PacketSky as early as possible. This will allow us to get your new order ready for placement, and to advise you of any complications that we may notice at your new address (e.g. the previous owner/tenant hasn’t cancelled their service).

Although the process of moving can be challenging, our team will do their best to make your move as stress-free as possible.