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I am with another ISP, can I move to PacketSky?

Of course! Should you wish to switch to PacketSky from another ISP, we will definitely be able to assist you. In order to switch, we recommend following the below steps in order to make this process smooth and pain-free.

Step 1: Cancel your existing service

You will need to contact your existing ISP and cancel your current service using their prescribed method of cancellation. Please note that the majority of ISPs require at least a calendar months notice for cancellation, so this needs to be taken into account. Depending on the contract you signed with your current ISP, there may also be cancellation fees that may be applicable.

Step 2: Sign-up with PacketSky

Once you have placed your cancellation with your existing ISP, and are aware of the terms and cancellation date, place your order with PacketSky via our website. You can do this via our Coverage Map or via our Network Pages. Please make use of the instructions block to let us know when your existing service will be cancelled, so we can schedule your activation.

Should you be aware of your Line ID (e.g. Object Number/B-Number) provided by the FNO, please include this in the sign-up form so we can identify your service address easily. This number is usually on your ONT/CPE device provided by the FNO. If you don’t have this number, you can also request it from your existing ISP.

Step 3: Get Connection

Should you select to make use of a PacketSky router, it will be sent to you pre-configured for your service. Once your line is activated and allocated to us, just plug it in by following our installation instructions and you will be ready to go.

Should you be making use of your existing router, you will require your new PacketSky login details. We will provide these to you once your service is activated.

Potential Speed-Bumps to be Aware Of

Although we will do our best to make this process as smooth and painless as possible, there are some speed-bumps that you may encounter along the way:

– Existing ISP Cancellation Notice – Your existing ISP is unlikely to release your line before the completion of your notice period. This must be taken into account when determining your time-line.

– Existing ISP Cancellation Fees – Your existing ISP may charge you cancellation fees depending on the contract you signed. This may include early termination fees, as well as a claw-back for installation or activation fees covered by the ISP when you signed up. The ISP will be unlikely to release you from your service until these fees are settled.

– Existing ISP Router – Your existing ISP may request that you return their free-to-use router once your service is cancelled.

– Line Release – Although your ISP may have cancelled your service on their system, there is a chance that they did not process the cancellation with the Fibre Network Operator (FNO). Only once your service is cancelled with the FNO, are we able to place your order. This may result in delays of us activating your service, which will unfortunately be outside of our control. Please ensure you ask your ISP for the FNO cancellation reference number to ensure the cancellation has been scheduled.