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How do I perform a Speed Test?

Should you be experiencing speed relate issues with your service, our Support Team will require valid Speed Tests in order to investigate the matter, and/or raise a ticket with the Fibre Network Operator (FNO) if required.

In order to perform a valid Speed Test, please ensure to follow the below:

1. Ethernet Cable: Speed Tests must be performed via Ethernet Cable (preferably CAT5e or CAT6), connected directly to the Main Router. This is done to avoid any impact of WiFi interference from impacting the results. Please note that FNOs will not accept Speed Tests performed via WiFi, and will not investigate speed related matters without receiving a valid Speed Test done via Ethernet Cable.

2. All Speed Tests must be performed via the Ookla Speedtest application for Windows or MAC, or by going to and running a Speed Test via your web browser. Once the page has loaded, click “Go” to perform the speed test.

3. Check Connected Devices: Please ensure that no other devices are running on your network when you are performing a Speed Test, as this will impact the accuracy of the test. Disconnect all devices from the WiFi, even if not in use, as updates can occur in the background without your knowledge.

4. Screen Shots:  Once your Speed Test is completed, please take a screenshot or “Snip” of the Speed Test page, including your network bar indicating that the device is connected to the router via cable.

5. Log a Ticket & Submit Your Results: Once you have completed the Speed Test process, please log a ticket on the Customer Portal with your results. You can also follow our Guide HERE.


Speed Test Notes:

 – Speed Tests need to be performed via Ethernet Cable. Should a speed issue be as a result of a fibre or FNO related issue, they will not investigate until a valid Ethernet Speed Test has been provided, to rule out other factors.

Note: WiFi Speed & Coverage

Due to the nature of Wi-Fi technology, the strength and coverage of a routers wireless signal cannot be guaranteed as this is susceptible to interference. PacketSky’s responsibility is to ensure the speed of your line to the router, however we cannot and do not guarantee full coverage of Wi-Fi within your premises or the speed of the service over a wireless connection.


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