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How do I submit my RICA documents?

The legal requirements for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in South Africa, requires us to verify your identity and physical address of your service. We are unable to place your order with the Fibre Network Operator (FNO) without receipt of your RICA documents.

Should you not upload these documents during the application process, please ensure these documents are emailed to within 48 hours of your application. Should we not receive these documents, your application will be deemed invalid and your order will not be fulfilled.

Proof of Identity: Please provide a scanned copy of your Smart ID Card, Green Barcoded ID book, Passport or equivalent if you are a foreigner

Proof of Address: Please provide a document for proof of residence that contains the physical address of your service. Valid documents that are accepted: Bank Statement, Municipal Invoice, Cellphone Account, Lease Agreement, Vehicle License, TV License, Rental Agreement, Insurance Policy, Affidavit. The documents must not be older than three months old and must contain your physical address.